PCI DSS is the acronym for “Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard”. Today, credit card data are more and more targeted by hackers. The PCI DSS programm aims at improving the security of information systems and thus requires from actors to set up and respect a code of practice.
PCI DSS addresses all actors which apprehend, transport, store and/or deal with credit card data. Local retailers, online merchants, transport networks, call centers, banks, card issuers are part of the actors affected by PCI DSS.


50% of the control points related to the PCI DSS compliance of an e-merchant go through its information system and its hosting. That is why NBS System had its product CerberHost certified PCI DSS compliant on October 30th, 2013, in order to be able to satisfty all of its clients even more. You can access the Certificate of Compliance here.
The certification process requires an new audit 1 year later. Thus in November, 2014, the XMCO certification council screens NBS System’s process and infrastructure, to confirm the PCI DSS certification! You can access it here.

PCI DSS Compliant

Why become PCI DSS for your website?

  • Because all merchants must be PCI DSS compliant
  • To keep your image of a trusworthy e-Commerce website
  • To reassure your clients.
  • Because NBS System can help you in this process!

CerberHostCerberHostA hosting solution allowing you to protect your website against all DDoS attacks and known web attacks, combining high-end technologies and services.

OwaspThe PCI CouncilCreated in 2006, it is an independent organization aiming at making the environments where we use our credit cards safer.

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