CerberHost is the result of more than 10 years of experience, 2 years of Research & Development but also the knowledge and expertise of our system administrators that are already used to manage the hosting of more than 2 500 websites on our Zend Cloud. NBS System guarantees a 99,99% IT security and a protection against 9 of the OWASP Top 10 Web Application Security Risks when the website runs with Cerberhost.

Key points

  • CerberHost’s infrastructure was tested by the teams of the IT security cabinet HSC and no consultant was able to get into it.
  • CerberHost guarantees you a 99,99% IT security
  • A contest was set up with the idea of rewarding the first developers that were able to get into the CerberHost infrastructure.
    For now, no one has succeeded.

Discover CerberHost in pictures

CerberHost protections

  • Human

    Management, motivating wages, no offshoring, Training, Procedures 24×7 team, positions doubled, Background check, logged operations

  • Website

    fail 2 Ban
    Password policy
    Patch management

  • Database

    MySQL Sniffer

  • Applicative stack

    Grsec / PAX
    ZEND server (*)

  • Network

    D.D.O.S Clearance Facility (*)
    IP reputation System
    Firewalling (Netfilter)
    Isolated VLANs & filtering
    GEOIP / Bad packets filtering

  • Operating system

    Grsec / PAX

  • Hardware

    Dual datacenter, dual powerlines
    Booster / Extend to Cloud


With its several human and IT protection layers, CerberHost provides a level of IT security that has never been reached. The above graph shows the solutions that we provide against the potential threats for your website.

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