NBS System’s teams are formed by experts of systems and networks engineering as well as in IT security. Solution manufacturers, Open Source contributors, or simply enthusiasts, our engineers are able to deploy customised infrastructures and clouds that meet your requirements. Moreover, NBS System has its own room in a Datacenter which makes it possible to rent material, bays and bandwidth.

NBS System’s expertise in info management and hosting

2500+ Sites Hébergés

3000+ hosted websites

1er Hébergeur E-commerce et magento en france

Leading E-commerce managed hosting provider in France

une équipe de 30 personnes

A team of30 people

Plus de 1000 serveurs

1000+ Servers

3 solutions cloud développées en interne

3 Cloud solutions internally developed



Discover NBS System’s infrastructure with redundancy between its two datacenters.


Private Cloud

Private Cloud

NBS System develops ready-to-use private clouds tailored to your needs.


Bay, Material and Bandwidth


NBS System owns a space in a Datacenter and rents its equipment.

plus d’info

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