When your company grows, it becomes essential to secure the production tools. Dedicated servers are designed to meet the needs of the most demanding companies. Your dedicated servers benefit from an optimal environment in NBS System infrastructure.

Everything you choose can be parameterized and customized:serveur dédié

  • settings,
  • tools,
  • alerts,
  • equipment,
  • OS,
  • Access and filtering,
  • etc…

The different combinations (hardware + OS + software) may produce significantly different results. Our experts are here to advise you, guide you in your choices and provide you with a custom server.

Dedicated servers are hosted in one of our two datacentres (Equinix PA3 and Illiad Ivry), or in both even, if you want multihoming and very high availability, Carrier Class dedicated hosting.

serveur hebergement dédiéAll our dedicated servers are supported by a day and night, 24×7 outsourcing service so you can get advice and assistance at critical
times of your information system life cycle. 

Hardware Operating system Options
  • SUN
  • DELL
  • HP
  • Linux
  • NetBSD
  • Solaris
  • Windows
  • 24×7
  • Multihoming
  • VPN
  • Private link (Cu or FDDI)

Our engineers can assist you, whether your needs are hosting an eCommerce dedicated server, a PrestaShop or Magento server, management software, your website or even a ToIP system.

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