Security involves all the actors of a company and NBS System’s consultants are used to work with any type of interlocutor: from the developer to the Executive Committee, passing through the Head of Security.
The flexibility and the experience of our security consultants guarantee high quality services, whatever your needs are.

Our experience in security tests

more than 10 years of experience

+ than 10 years of experiencein IT security

experienced consultants


more than 500 tests performed

+ than 500 testsperformed

historical activity of  NBS System

historical activity of NBS System

Internal Security Test

Security Test

Measure the resistance of the internal security of your network, as well as the ease to recover or destroy sensible information.


External Security Test

Security Test

This « blind » penetration test checks if a malicious person can introduce itself in your systems from outside the company.


Web Security Test

Security Test

These tests can be carried out without any access to the source code and they check the security of your web applications.


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