Flexibility and experience are the characteristics that define our security consultants, and we guarantee a high-quality final result, whatever your needs and wants. Our security team can adapt to every kind of demand. You just need to define exactly what you need:

Our expertise in security tests

more than 10 years of experience

+ than 10 years of experience in IT security

experienced consultants

experienced consultants

more than 500 tests performed

+ than 500 tests performed

historical activity of  NBS System

historical activity of NBS System

Source Code Audit

Source Code

This kind of security audit analyses the application source code in a more exhaustive way than a “black-box” audit.




NBS System’s experts are able to intervene rapidly on forensic cases so as to identify the authors of malicious actions.


Performance optimization


Take advantage of our unique experience in E-commerce info-management (+than 2 500 websites) to optimise the performance of your server.


Scalability Test

Scalability Test

Having doubts on a server’s capacity to put up with traffic peaks? Our scalability tests recreate realistic scenarios.


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