Being the company’s historical activity since 1999, our unique experience and know-how in the field of IT security allows you to evaluate the exposition at risks of your information system, your sensible data, but also to support you with realistic recommendations. For us, security should never be an obstacle to productivity.

NBS System’s expertise in info-management and hosting

13 ans d'expériences

16 yearsof experience

+ de 5000 tests d'instrusion

+ 600 intrusion tests performed

+ de 150 clients en sécurité informatique

+ 250 clientsin IT security

créateur de naxsi et cerberhost

Creator ofnaxsi and cerberhost

Penetration Test

Try out your system in real-life circumstances. Measure the resistance of your IT network when under attack.


IT Security Audit

Analyse your system indepth. More transversal and collaborative than the security test, the audit points out the system’s flaws.


Security Consulting

Upgrade your activity and collaborators with our trainings that guarantee a real improvement of the skills.


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