NBS System evolves in the world of IT security and managed hosting since 1999. With more than 3 000 hosted websites, NBS System is the leader of eCommerce & Magento managed hosting. NBS System is also the author of the benchmark of eCommerce solutions, a detailed analysis of 12 eCommerce solutions that aims to help e-merchants choose the right solution for their activity. Also an expert in IT security, NBS System has developed a highly secured private cloud named CerberHost. Challenged and tested multiple times by IT security experts, CerberHost is still inviolated.


Arnaud Becquart


A graduate from ESME Sudria, Arnaud founded NBS System in 1999 with Philippe Humeau. Since the beginning, Arnaud is President and in charge of the financial and administrative activities. Arnaud is the organizer and structures the teams thanks to his leadership skills.

Mail : arnaud.becquart{at}nbs-system.com


Philippe Humeau

Chief Executive Director

A graduate from EPITA, he is the co-founder of NBS System and the first security consultant. He was CTO and CCO and he is now in charge of the Business Developpement and Communication strategies.

Mail : philippe.humeau{at}nbs-system.com

The company has been founded with clear values that are still part of our today’s activity: Innovation, Know-how, Reactivity & Service


Michaël Garnier

Sales & Marketing Director

Michael joined NBS System’s team in 2014. With over 15 years of experience in the Retail industry, Michael shares his expertise to benefit our customers. His motto: Satisfaction and Customer Service.

Mail : michael.garnier{at}nbs-system.com


Lukasz Szymczak

Services & Support Director

Lukasz joined NBS System in 2013 as Project Manager. In the current strong growth context of the company, he agreed to go with NBS System by taking over the position of Services & Support Director. His enthusiasm and customer view allows him to manage teams in direct contact with our clients.

Mail : lukasz.szymczak{at}nbs-system.com

The directors identify with 4 following values: Excellence, Respect, Exemplarity & Solidarity


Emile Heitor

Chief Technology Director

NetBSD and OpenIndiana contributor, founder of GCU Squad, Emile joined NBS System in 2009. With more than 15 years of experience, Emile designed the new NBS System hosting architecture. His hard work and devotion led to a state of the art infrastructure in terms of performance, resiliency and industrialisation.

Mail : emile.heitor{at}nbs-system.com


Thibault Koechlin

Chief Security Officer

Thibault joined NBS System in 2006. After guiding the pentesting team for several years and building on the knowledge and experience he acquired, he beginned the development of NAXSI in 2011 and threw himself into the conception of CerberHost in 2012. Today, he still works on the maturation and perfection of this particular product.

Mail : thibault.koechlin{at}nbs-system.com

Company’s other activities

NBS System is:

Company Information

No Blue Screen System (NBS System, NBS)
Registered in the Register of Commerce at N° B42341090100023 RCS Paris
Our APE code 721Z and NAF 6202A
N° TVA intra-community: FR61 423 410 901
SAS with a capital of 203 905 €
Our record on www.societe.com and on Infogreffe

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