KPI of all ecommerce solutions

The Benchmark of e-Commerce solutions required more than 6 months of analyses, tens of meetings, conference calls, webex, with editors, customers and integrators. Tons of pages were written, a tool was even developped on purpose to analyze marketshares and page load time of a million sites. We hope this second version of our benchmark of e-Commerce solutions will help you take the best decision for your e-shop.

We based our study on several Key Performances Indicators (KPI) to allow you (and us) to rank each solution on as many objective points as we could. The full table is available on the right (clic to expand it).

The book exists in (or will be very shortly translated to) French, Spanish and German. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you wish to discuss with the authors, to get consultancy, to prepare a training or even just to share other informations.

You can also download the latest e-Commerce Benchmark in English here.

The PDF will be sent to you in Zip format (~7 MB), if you don’t receive it, contact us.

The short version is freely distributed (licence creative commons) and available by clicking on the image below.

benchmark of e-commerce solutions

Creative Commons License

Please click on the image below in order to get the complete version. The 176 pages of the benchmark details strategic & technical aspects of all solutions. (Requires to register)

benchmark of e-commerce solutions